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Do you ever feel like you have more adversity in your life than people around you?  Have you ever felt contrite for yourself and asked, “why me? Why this all these creepy stuff to me?” We are human, we all experience setbacks in our lives –and although they may differ in specific ways but they affect all of us, similarly. I have asked these questions to me, and that’s when I started blogging, writing.

Darkness had beleaguered when I lost connection with my love, my first love. How fortunate I am, I found one best friend who pulled me back into present, taught me how to be happy, and that’s when I wrote my first blog, “What happiness is not.” After that I wrote another blog Listen to the silence. I wrote it because I’m not talkative person, quiet, mostly engaged with work, with myself, thinking a lot.

Being less talkative, quiet, I give voice to my thoughts with the help of writing. I love to write in my leisure time and in those boring lectures in college. I love being a writer, I dream of being writer and I intend that. And I’ll be author soon…

Apart from reading engineering books, I love to read, short stories, flash fiction, romance fiction novels, anything from Paulo Coelho. My favourite book is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

I strongly believe in “whatever happens, happens for a reason, for good.” I believe in it because I have experienced it. So, every time something bad happens to you, lift yourself up and keep going. You won't be able to see the essence of that line at the onset, but in time it'll all start making sense.  I believe in changing myself, to be better. 


  1. no matter how big a crowd may be,a person like you always stands out!there’s no one who has worked as hard as you have in the last years and now your efforts have paid off to become a Author.All the best.....

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Sabrish.


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